Southern California Courts – Coronavirus (COVID 19) Information

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, California Courts are taking steps to control its spread.

The Law Office of Richard Wagner is tracking local courts to give clients up-to-date information about each court’s response to the pandemic.

Orange County Courts

The Orange County Superior Court will remain closed to the public until May 22, 2020.

Read more about the Orange County Court’s Response to the coronavirus here

Los Angeles County Courts

Los Angeles County is the only court of the four on this list not completely closed. Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile, the Chief Justice has issued several orders.

The latest order dated May 13, 2020 concerning criminal cases says all courtrooms will remain closed from April 17, 2020 until June 10, 2020 — except time-sensitive, essential functions. To prepare for the resumption of court hearings beginning June 22, the Clerk’s Office will reopen on June 15.

San Bernardino County Courts

The San Bernardino Superior Court (SBSC) is partially closed and operating at reduced hours due to the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic from March 17 through May 28, 2020.

A new hearing date will be selected based on the court’s future calendar availability. DO NOT APPEAR unless you have an emergency matter scheduled for hearing. The Clerk’s Office will provide notice to attorneys and parties regarding the continuance of each matter when the Court reopens.

Here is a link to the San Bernardino Court’s response to the coronavirus

Riverside County Courts

The Riverside Superior Court announces temporary court closures throughout the county effective March 20, 2020 through May 29, 2020.

Here is a link to the Riverside Court’s response to the coronavirus.

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