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C.F. From Anaheim Would Give Richard Wagner 10 Stars If He Could

I'm not sure what I will say will do justice to the level professionalism, expertise, diligence and tireless devotion to my case Mr. Wagner and his office exemplified, but I will do my best.

I got a DUI with additional enhancements back in June 2019. Heavy circumstances with potentially heavier outcomes. My case was complicated, it had a lot of variables, and Covid delaying everything only prolonged the agony of waiting around for sentencing. I waited 2.5 years for the resolution of my case, and today it finally happened.

In the midst of the those 2.5 years, Mr. Wagner showed up in my stead for every pre-trial, every arraignment, every appearance I would have had to make and take time off of work for. He gave me a list of suggestions that would encourage the DA towards a more favorable plea bargain, and I fulfilled them to the best of my ability. He was in constant communication with me, giving me updates on every court appearance, answering all my questions/concerns, and gave me his personal cell phone number to reach out for anything at all. He always responded within 24 hours.

I am happy to say that although my case was going to have its consequences, I was able to avoid jail time by a thin margin. It would have been 90 days minimum, 12 months maximum. I don't believe that would have been possible without the help of Mr. Richard Wagner. I would give 10 stars if I could.

– C.F., Anaheim