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Strikeforce Criminal Attorney Richard Wagner should be your first call when loss of liberty and social stigmatization (“loss of good name”) are at stake.  A former downtown LA prosecutor, Richard Wagner developed the unparalleled skill and talent to defend you from the unforgiving criminal justice system.

Richard Wagner is an excellent juvenile court attorney. He has been practicing criminal law since 1998. Richard Wagner wins cases by obtaining acquittals, getting serious charges (felony and misdemeanor) dismissed, or negotiating the original more serious charges to a lesser serious offense.

For parents with the misfortune of being notified of Juvenile delinquency cases involving children under the age of 18, this is a special kind of case. These cases involve a minor who has allegedly committed a delinquent act which would be considered a crime if committed by an adult.

However, if the minor is over 14 years old and the alleged delinquent act is a serious offense, such as murder or a sex crime, the minor could be tried as an adult in adult criminal court.  Prop. 57 requires juvenile cases to be filed in juvenile court. Although the DA can seek “transfer” of the minor to adult court. Juvenile Transfer Hearings were formerly known as Fitness Hearings.

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Especially, in these cases, you need a powerful defense. The judge decides if the court will intervene in the minor’s future. If it does, the judge has to consider the appropriate course of action for the minor, and how to make the minor take responsibility for his or her actions.

Juvenile Hearing Options

A judge or commissioner of the California juvenile court may dismiss the petition or may set aside the findings. The Law Office of Richard Wagner convinced juvenile courts to dismiss the petition in the interests of justice and because the welfare of the juvenile require such dismissal. In other cases, the judge or commissioner of the California juvenile court found that the juvenile was not in need of treatment or rehabilitation.

The court decides how to care for, treat, and guide the minor. This can include punishment so the minor learns to obey the law.

If you or someone you know has been detained or under investigation in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino or in Southern California, contact The Law Office of Richard Wagner, A Professional Corporation immediately. Unlike less experienced lawyers, Richard Wagner will analyze and evaluate the facts of your particular case.  You will then discuss your options.  And, get straight-forward and honest advice.

Whether the juvenile court case is rejected, reduced to a lesser charge or dismissed, The Law Office of Richard Wagner, A Professional Corporation, will protect and defend your children’s Constitutional rights and ultimately see that your family gets back on track at the earliest possible time.  Do not delay. Call 714-721-4423 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Some highlights of Richard Wagner’s non-DUI criminal defense victories include:

A complete dismissal of felony charges for his client facing significant state prison time and lifetime drug registration accused by the San Bernardino District Attorney of second degree commercial burglary, transportation of marijuana for sale, and possession of marijuana for sale in the San Bernardino Superior Court.

ᐅ Richard Wagner persuaded the LA District Attorney to dismiss serious felony sex charges in Bellflower, avoiding long-term prison and life-time sex registration for his client.

DA reject – case not filed in Orange County, Harbor Justice Center, Newport Beach for client investigated for unlawful sexual intercourse.

No jail/prison time for client prosecuted by Los Angeles District Attorney Office for multiple counts of felony possession of obscene matter depicting minors engaging in or simulating sexual conduct Penal Code 311.11 and possession of an assault weapon.

If you are under investigation, accused of, arrested for, or charged with any crime in Southern California, you should have a free confidential consultation with well-respected defense attorney Richard Wagner ASAP.  Contact The Law Office of Richard Wagner, A Professional Corporation or Call 714-721-4423 to get straight-forward and honest advice.