If Placed On Probation, Can You Move To Another State? 

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There are two types of probation – formal and informal.

(In Los Angeles, informal probation is called summary probation.)

I read someone thought there was a hole in the plot of Ozark because Erin was moving back to Illinois from Missouri after she was ordered to do community service. Not true. I can’t remember if Erin was actually convicted of a crime. With her mom being a badass lawyer, she probably got pre-plea diversion. This means the case was postponed until Erin did her community service. Once Erin completes the community service, she or her mom, as her lawyer, goes back to court. If Erin has stayed out of trouble, the case gets dismissed, once the proof of completion of the community service is filed with the court.

If, on the other hand, Erin pleaded guilty or no contest, and was placed on probation, Erin was most likely placed on informal (summary) probation. This means there is no probation officer. She is not supervised by the probation department. No check-ins, etc. Erin or anyone can get their community service transferred to another state. If you are on formal probation the process is more of a headache. However, if you are on informal probation it is relatively simple.

It depends on the court, but some judges will accept different types of community service. Erin may not even have to go through the court. For example, a judge here in Newport Beach, allows community service to be done informally through a church or local charity. He doesn’t require you to sign up through the court and pay the processing fee. You just do the community service and bring proof of the hours done on letterhead.

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