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If arrested, charged or pulled over for DUI in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego arm yourself with excellent legal representation.

California DUI Attorney Richard Wagner holds the prosecutor and law enforcement accountable. Investigates your case, provides you with critical insight about your DUI case.

Get straight-forward and honest advice about the Judge, the Commissioner, the Prosecutor, the District Attorney or City Prosecutor, the criminal justice system, and the law enforcement industrial complex.

The first and most advantageous step you can take after your arrest is to hire first-class DUI attorney Richard Wagner. His 22 plus years of experience is on your side from day one. Southern California DUI Attorney Richard Wagner listens to clients.

Hire the DUI Attorney in California with established credentials as a member of the DUI Defense Attorney community willing to make personal sacrifices for the well-being of his clients.

Mr. Wagner patiently guides you through the complicated, confusing and often-times frightening criminal justice system. He boldly and confidently achieves the best possible outcome for you and your family.



Thank you again for your strong work ethic and allowing me to have peace of mind. I really appreciate you. ♥” E.W., Garden Grove.


“Attorney Richard Wagner, ESQ came to my rescue … He also went above and beyond … I really appreciated him … Richard Wagner is a professional who is very good at what he does. I am very thankful he was there for me.” S.S., Austin, TX


“I am very grateful to Richard Wagner. He did an awesome job defending me throughout the trial. In court, Richard talked about the law, science, facts of case, and convinced the jury to find me not guilty. Richard definitely knows how to successfully defend a DUI charge in trial. Thanks to Richard Wagner, the DUI charge against me has gone away like it never happened and I got my life back.” J.I.


“Rich is amazing. My husband was charged with Violation of a court order aka gang injunction. From the start Rich expressed his interest in this case, and he wasn’t lying. He was as passionate about taking this case to trial as much as we were. His communication and dedication to this case was beyond what we expected. He is definitely an attorney you want in your corner. Absolutely superb. Needless to say, Rich worked his magic; the charges were dropped. We couldn’t be more happy. Thanks Rich”

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About DUI Attorney Richard Wagner

The Law Office of Richard Wagner, A Professional Corporation, is motivated by the words of Frederick Douglass, “Power Concedes Nothing Without A Demand. It Never Did. It Never Will. If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress.”

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Do’s & Dont’s for DUI Suspects

DO provide the officer with your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration if possible.

DO comply with an officer’s request for you to exit the vehicle.

DO be courteous to law enforcement but do not say more than you have to or give them any evidence.

DO remember the Fifth Amendment protects your right to remain silent.

DO understand you have the right to have a hearing for the automatic license suspension.

DO hire an experienced DUI attorney to help you preserve your reputation, keep you out of jail, keep your license, protect you from the court system and DMV, and reduce the overall impact on your life.

DO NOT tell the police where you were or what you did.

DO NOT allow law enforcement to pressure you into taking field sobriety or preliminary alcohol screening tests before you are placed under arrest. These tests are voluntary, subjective, and meant to incriminate you. They are scientifically unreliable and will not help your case.

DO NOT give law enforcement consent to search you or your vehicle.

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