OC DA Prosecutes Wrong Woman, Press Fails To Hold DA Accountable

The LA Times reported the Orange County District Attorney extradited a woman from Arizona to Orange County to face 10 felony charges, including false imprisonment, kidnapping, perjury, forgery, and 22 misdemeanor counts.

Buried in the story, however, is the real story the reporter should have highlighted: The DA’s office had (twice) arrested the victim in the case and filed 10 felony charges against her, causing the victim to spend 88 days in jail and the possibility spending the rest of her life in prison.

When someone who’s innocent … gets arrested and charged with a crime, that’s not just a bad day — it’s a nightmare.” Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

No apology. No admission of doing anything wrong. No acceptance of responsibility. The DA merely confirmed what the victim told reporters about the experience being “such a nightmare for me.” However, why would the DA say anything differently if the press refuses to hold him accountable?

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