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Anonymous Recommends Richard Wagner

Thanks Mr. Wagner…you're AWESOME!!!!

I got my first DUI Feb. 2020. Never been in any trouble. I was scared & didn't know what to do. I googled “DUI attorneys” & I entered my information. Less than 2 mins later I get a call from the Law Offices of Richard Wagner. I spoke with a very nice lady named Rasha who reassured me that I was in the best hands & that he could take my case. I never go with the first option but I did in this case & the price was very reasonable & it was the best decision I ever made. Mr. Wagner was right on my case & handled everything I needed to have done. He appeared at my DMV hearing & got that dismissed. Now I'm just waiting on my court case. He communicates very well & always makes himself available to answer any questions you may have. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer. He has very good experience & knowledge.

– Anonymous